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Author of The Opportunity Makers and Imagineering Atlanta Charles Rutheiser presents


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A New Novel

Jim Morrison isn’t dead; he’s alive and well and living in Paris in the summer of 1985. Or at least that’s what two young travelers are told by a friendly stranger who invites them to a party, a very secret one, at Jim’s house. To get there, though, they must play a game, a scavenger hunt of sorts, with a group of shady characters that takes them through the dark corners and bright shadows of the City of Light.



Want to hear a story?

Charles Rutheiser is a storyteller and recovering academic who has traveled the world and rubbed shoulders with shamans, santeras, guerrillas, gangsters, old souls and more than a few monsters, most of whom turned out to be human. In the world of facts, he works and writes about how social institutions can create opportunity and reduce inequity. Within the fictional universe, he tells tales inspired by travel writing, noir, gothic horror and the uncanny that deal with dreams, magic, wicked problems, ghosts, books, maps, movies, cities, buildings, food, death, baseball, all manner of enchanted objects and the fleeting traces of the pre-digital world.


A graduate of New College of Florida and the Johns Hopkins University, Charles lives in Baltimore with his wife artist Christina Rutheiser, their dog Mabel, and far too many books. 

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